Made from Australian dairy ingredients, Ballantyne pure dairy powders provide a creamy, natural flavour profile with a characteristic richness and mouth feel.

Cream Powders

Made from fresh cream, Ballantyne cream powders contain pure Australian dairy ingredients, delivering a rich, creamy taste with an exceptional mouthfeel. Powdered cream products can provide ease of use in manufacturing, when compared to fresh cream.

Butter Powders

With ingredients such as spray dried butter, providing a creamy mouth feel or an intense butter concentrate to enhance the butter flavour of your snack and bakery items, Ballantyne can provide you with various butter solutions, in a format suitable for your manufacturing capabilities.

Cultured Dairy Ingredients

Ballantyne’s cultured dairy ingredients are made with specific cultures to achieve their unique flavour profiles. Ballantyne’s Sour Cream, Cream Cheese and Yoghurt powders provide a natural, creamy dairy flavour which only premium dairy products can provide. Powdered dairy ingredients can assist with the storage and handling costs of fresh cream and yoghurt.
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